Workshop on Combating violence against women and girls phase 2

As a part of Shilpee’s ongoing “Combating violence against women and girls” project, a 15 day workshop is being conducted at Shilpee’s workshop hall. The workshop started from 21st July, 2013 and will conclude on 4th August, 2013.  Altogether, twelve artists are undergoing vigorous training at the workshop. Out of twelve, there are six female actors and six male actors. Our trainer Ms. Looniva Tuladhar is helping the artists with their performances.




The focus this workshop/activity is to come up with a play ready to be performed for the audiences of the districts selected for the second tour. During the workshop, we have been discussing about the issues that are troubling the women such as sexual harassment in public places like schools, colleges and transportation, discrimination in the access to education and other basic facilities and many others. At the end of workshop, we will come up with a play that will highlight those problems faced by women. Three different languages: Maithali, Bhojpur and Nepali will be used in a single play to relate the play even closely to the audiences belonging to that community. This play will be performed in 40 different venues of nine selected districts during an 18 day tour. The districts that have been selected for the tour are: Kavre, Makwanpur, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Ilam, Panchthar, Dhanusa, Saptari and Sunsari.



Through this play we are trying to sensitize the general public and the concerned authorities towards the different forms of violence faced by Nepalese women. We hope that after the performance, they will be more concerned about the issues that are happening around them and take necessary actions to stop such incidents in their work area or community. During the previous theatre tour, we had seen the direct impact of the play upon our audiences and we hope to have the same kind of effect this time as well.

Artist quotes:  

“This is the first time I am participating in such an extensive workshop so I am feeling really good.”

Roshan Mehta, Artist, Shilpee Theatre Group

“I am enjoying the workshop very much. I am playing a very different role which I had never done before so I am working very hard to make it a stronger.”

Badal Bhatta, Artist, Shilpee Theatre Group

“I am doing the play for the first time and the workshop is also first for me. I am learning so many things in the workshop. I am glad to be the part of this workshop.”

Sharmila Yonzan, Artist, Bhaktapur

“I have attended the forum theatre workshop previously as well but this workshop includes many new things so I am finding the workshop to be very informative and helpful”.

Sabita Choudhary, Artist, Sarlahi

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